Friends, delegates, and guests will be invited to consider four opportunities to support the ministries of the Texas Annual Conference:


Sunday’s Opening Service: offerings will be collected in the spirit of reaching new people, in new places and in new ways. All money collected will be put back into your hands as disciples who conduct small Jesus-experiments with radical intent. Fresh Expressions is a movement of the Holy Spirit to engage in relationships with our neighbors.


Monday’s Memorial Service: offering will be collected in the spirit of completing our 3-year commitment of supporting our Advance Special: Laos WELD (Water, Education, Leadership Development). This ministry helps our United Methodist sisters and brothers in Laos to serve their communities in ministry. This will finalize our commitment to this ministry.


Tuesday’s Ordination/Commissioning Service: offering will be collected in the spirit of supporting our newly ordained sisters and brothers of the Texas Annual Conference as they travel together with Bishop Harvey in January 2025.


Finally, there is one more opportunity to support:


Annually, we confront the substantial expenses linked to organizing and hosting our annual conference, encompassing audiovisual, childcare, worship, musicians, vocalists, communications, speakers, voting systems and various other essential components. We consistently engage in thorough evaluations to optimize cost-efficiency while ensuring a successful conference.

As always, you have the opportunity to contribute towards covering these expenses when you register for Annual Conference.


All four of the opportunities to give are available.
You can conveniently donate electronically by scanning the QR code or visiting the conference website.

You can write a check payable to the TAC and place it, along with cash, in the offering plates at each of the three designated services on Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday nights.
Thank you for your continued support of these ministries and the ongoing costs associated with hosting such a successful conference.


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