The Future Discernment Task Force (FDTF) was formed in response to a resolution passed at the 2021 Session of the Texas Annual Conference. It was to be made up of diverse leaders from throughout the Annual Conference and caucus groups.

The original intent of this task force was to educate lay and clergy members of the Texas Annual Conference about upcoming legislation and denominational options being considered at the General Conference, scheduled for this year.

However, with the decision not to hold General Conference this year, the launch of the Global Methodist Church, and the request for district meetings to discuss the discernment process regarding disaffiliation, it seemed appropriate and within the spirit of the formation of this task force to host information sessions in every district.

These Future Discernment Task Force District Meetings will include an equal amount of time for presentations and Q&A. The goal of these meetings is to encourage congregations and clergy to prayerfully discern where God is calling them in ministry to their mission field.

Meetings will include presentations from Bishop Jones, a conference fiscal officer, future discernment task force team members, and video presentations with the information about the Global Methodist Church, other options for churches considering disaffiliation, and the United Methodist Church.

Recognizing the importance of these conversations, the Future Discernment Task Force is intentional in reserving the second and equal half of each meeting for questions and answers.

Future Discernment Task Force Meeting 7.17.22 

Marvin UMC

United Methodist Church


Global Methodist Church

Other Affiliation Options

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