Seven Sure Fire Things to Know Before You Go

Revelation 21:1-7

I love the theme for this devotional series! Springing into Easter is a wonderful way of experiencing Lent. Too often Lent has become some misguided time of personal deprivation, self-help efforts, or a second attempt at achieving New Year’s resolutions. The whole idea of giving up something for Lent was supposed to draw us closer to the things of God with deeper devotion, but has often been lived out as a time of unnecessary suffering, unhealthy guilt, and undesired grouchiness. We seldom seem to turn the corner and embrace the deeper and more joyous experience of God’s grace intended.

This year, I am preaching a sermon series and leading a Lenten Study on the 7 Things to Know Before You Go. The two foci for this series and study are the nature of who God is and how we are offered new life in Christ. How do we allow these aspects of God and life in Christ to guide our daily walks and life journeys? This should be a season where we embrace God and grow in our faith. This is a time to know that God is “making all things new” in the present, as well as for all time.

In the book of Revelation, during a time of deep suffering and persecution of Christians, the ultimate message is that God wins. In this reality of final victory, we see a glimpse into not only what will be, but also what is. Easter resurrection is the ultimate divine victory over earthly defeat. This is a gift of both personal and communal hope and promise. We are forgiven. We are saved by faith in Christ through grace. We are offered abundant and eternal life in Christ. We have a purpose that God intends for us to embrace. This is a season to embrace the opportunity to live differently in synergy with God’s purpose for our lives and for all of creation…for all time.

As we seek to spring into Easter, may we draw closer to God and one another. May we also grow in our faith to be the partners in this work of transformation that God intends for us to embrace. May the vision of a new heaven and a new earth not only give us hope, but also the motivation to be part of God’s new thing he seeks to do in and through us as Easter people.

Rev. Jay Jackson is Senior Pastor of Longview First United Methodist Church. If you are ever in the area, Jay and his congregation would love to have you come worship with them.

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