2019 General Conference Delegates (Special Session)

Texas Conference Delegation

General Conference Delegates

Mr. Reggie C. Clemons  - Laity

Church: First UMC Pearland


Conference: Youth Ministry Speaker for Sr. High Summer Camp, & CLT.

District: Lay Leader.

Local Church: Lay Leader, Staff Church Administrator.

Other: Certified Lay Speaker, Heartspring Board Member, Lakeview Board Member & U of H Wesley Foundation Board Member.

Delegate to General Conference & Jurisdictional Conference 2012.

Mr. Eddie Erwin - Laity

Church: Lakewood UMC, Houston


Conference: Board of Laity, Youth Ministries, Youth Academy Mentor, Board of Directors for JUMMP, Co-Director of Youth Workers Connection, Planning Team for The Big Event, Ignite/Mid-Winter, COLLIDE, United Methodist Action Mission for Youth. Past: Clergy Accountability, PIM trips to Costa Rica, Kenya, Russia & Disaster Recovery, 2009 Education Trip to Israel. District: Lay Leader, DLT, Committee on Ministry, Council on Youth. Local: Director of Student Ministries.

Delegate to General Conference 2012 & member Independent Commission Committee, 2012 Jurisdictional Teller, Div. on Ministries with Young People-Executive Table, 2013 Quadrennial Leadership Training, 2013 Jurisdictional Youth Ministry, 2014 Global Young People’s Convocation & Assembly.

Mr. Oscar L. Garza - Laity

Church: Cypress Trails UMC


Conference: Strategic Mapping, CLT, Interview & Candidate Selection Panel for the Advancing Pastoral Leadership Initiative.

District: DLT, & BOM.

Local Church: Chair Finance, & SPRC.

Other: Board of Heartspring Foundation

Board of UMC Foundation and Audit & Review Committee of the GCFA. I attended General Conference 2012 as an observer.

Dr. Janice Gilbert - Clergy

Appointment: St. James UMC, Beaumont


Conference: Clergy, BOM, Nominations, & Evangelism.

District: Special Taskforces Leadership Team, BOM, BMCR-Chair,

Served as Delegate in 2012, attending & participating in committees con-cerning Evangelism & Global Missions.

Mr. Gilbert C. Hanke – Laity

Church: Perritte Memorial, Nacogdoches


Conference: Pensions, PIM, Vice-Chair Conference Council, Episcopal Committee, President UMM.

District: Lay Leader, taught Lay Speaking/Lay Servant courses.

Local Church: Chair of Missions, UMM taught Sunday school & di-rected the choir.

Other: Community Lay Director for East Texas Emmaus. General Secretary and CEO of the General Commission on United Methodist Men.

1992 Jurisdictional Delegate and Delegate to General & Jurisdictional Conference 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012.

Mr. Andrew Hernandez - Laity

Church: First UMC, Conroe


Conference: Past-BOM, LPI Board of Trustees, CF&A, UMF, Commit-tee on Episcopacy.

District: Delegate at large.

Local Church: Past-Delegate, Lay Leader, Chair Finance, SPR, Adminis-trative Board, Stewardship, Lay Leadership (Nominations) & Certified Lay Speaker. Present-Board of Stewards, Coordinating Ministry Team, Chair Hispanic Ministry & Director ESL Program.

Other: TMF President Advisory Council.


General Conference Delegate: 2000,2004, 2008 & 2012. Jurisdictional Conference Delegate: 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012. Legislative Committees served: Church & Society, Faith & Order, General Admin-istration & Global Ministries.

Dr. Donald R. House - Laity

Church: A&M UMC, College Station

Conference: Committee on Episcopacy, past Chair of CF&A

District: Chair DLT, past Lay Leader

Local Church: Lay Leader, Chair of Benchmark Project

Other: Texas Methodist Foundation Board, Chair of TMF Finance Com-mittee, & the Executive Committee

Delegate General/Jurisdictional Conferences: 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, & 2012

South Central Jurisdiction: Chair Committee on Episcopacy, General CF&A, Chair Economic Advisory Committee, Chair Funding Patterns Task Force, Chair Investment Committee

United Methodist Church Foundation: Member Funds Management Committee

Rev. Jessica LaGrone - Clergy

Appointment: Pastor, Dean of Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminary


Conference: Clergy Recruitment, Mentor Candidates for Ministry, Clergy Recruitment Ambassador to Seminaries, Worship Team, & Advancing Pastoral Leadership Program.

District: DLT, & DCOM

Other: Retreat Speaker for TAC Clergywomen, and Speaker for many types of events

Page General Conference 2008, Page Jurisdictional Conference 2012 & Alternate General Conference 2012


Rev. Edward C. Jones – Clergy

Church: Trinity UMC, Houston


Conference: BOM, BMCR

District: Committee Ordained Ministry, District Building & Relocation & DLT

Other: Mt. Sequoyah Retreat Center-Trustees.


Kenneth R. Levingston - Clergy

Appointment: Houston, Jones Memorial


Conference: Sr. Pastor, & BOM.

District: DLT, & various Camp & District assignments.

Other: Houston Methodist Hospital Board of Directors.

Delegate General & Jurisdictional Conferences 2012. Reserve Delegate GC 2008 and Delegate to JC 2008.


v. Morris Matthis - Clergy

Appointment: Texas Conference Director of New Faith Communities


My first church was Alba-Golden 1983. The last I served was Sugar Land-Christ. In between I served five appointments including a year in Northern Ireland & starting Richmond-Faith. I am presently serving as Central North DS. I have served many district & conference committees & been involved in leading conference events.

GC & JC delegate 1996, 2004, 2008 & 2012, serving on the Finance Legislative Committee. In 2008 I chaired the Petitions Committee at JC.


Mrs. Sue Sullivan

Church: First UMC, Jefferson  


Conference: Presently on Board of Laity. Previously Chair of Small Membership Churches & Vice-Chair Spiritual Formation.

District: Lay Leader & DLT.

Local Church: Bible Study Fellowship and former Children’s Leader. Other: Past Vice-Chair of Lakeview Finance Committee and past regis-trar for Tri-District Camp, Camp Director & Cabin Counselor. Certified Lay Minister.

Delegate General Conference 2012 while serving on Local Church Legis-lative Committee and elected secretary. Delegate Jurisdictional Confer-ence 2004, 2008 & 2012.


Dr. Chappell Temple - Clergy

Appointment: Christ UMC, Sugar Land


Conference: Executive BOM, Chair Clergy Recruitment, Chair Board of Global Ministries, Treasurer Division of Missions, Chair Open Itineracy Committee, Annual Conference Planning Team.

Other: Wesley Community Center, Lon Morris College, Perkins Adjunct Faculty, Residency Covenant Group Mentor, Co-director for World Methodist Conference 2016 Host Committee.

Delegate General Conferences 2008 & 2012. Delegate or Alternate Ju-risdictional Conference, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, & 2012


Rev. Dr. Laceye C. Warner

Appointment: Exec Vice Dean, Faculty, Duke Unversity Divinity School


Conference: BOM & BOM-Joint Committee on Medical Leave

University Senate, UM Council of Bishops Ministry Study Commission and Bishops’ Task Force for Theological Education & Leadership Formation.


Rev. Dr. Stephen P. Wende
– Clergy (Retired)


Conference: BOM, Task Force on Evangelism, Higher Education & Campus Ministry.

Other: Director of Methodist Hospital, Trustee of Huston Tillotson Uni-versity & Texas Wesleyan University, Texas Methodist Foundation.

Delegate General & Jurisdictional Conferences.


Rev. Dr. Keith C. Whitaker
- Clergy

Appointment: First UMC, Pearland


Conference: Boards.

District: Superintendent, BOM & Host Committee for WMC 2016.

Other: Jurisdictional Youth Team, & General Church group overseeing the Youth Service Fund.

Delegation General/Jurisdictional Conferences. I have been on Legislative and Independent Commissions, & served on the support staff for four Gen-eral Conferences.

Ms. Melba Wilson - Laity

Church: Trinity UMC, Beaumont


Conference: Center of Clergy Excellence, Group Health Benefits, Quadrennial Benefits Training, Board of Pensions, CLT.

Jurisdiction: Lay Delegate 2012

General Church: Board of Pensions & Health Benefits, “Caring for Those Who Serve”, Bellweather & Governance Committees

Ecumenical: Bible Study Fellowship Intl. Student, BSF Leadership 4th Day Golden Triangle Emmaus Community

Mr. Thomas R. Wussow
- Laity

Church: Kingwood UMC


Conference: Lay Leader, Chair Wesley Community Center Board, Chair Houston Board of Missions, Coordinated the expansion & renovation of the UMSC, Chair Methodist Retirement Communities, Congregational Development Task Force.

District: Lay Leader, Trustees, Finance. Currently: Building & Church Location.

Local Church: Lay Leader SPRC, Administrative Board/Church Council, Trustees, Building Committee. Currently-Finance, Investment, Endow-ment, Building, Lay Delegate.


Delegate General & Jurisdictional Conference 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012. Served on Faith & Order Legislative Committee and Church & Society Legislative Committee.

Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

Dr. Sterling Allen
Rev. James Alan Bass
Dr. William E. Brown
Dr. Jonathan David Bynum
 Clarence Estes
Rev. Kip R. Gilts
Ms. Stacie Yvonne Hawkins
Ms. Carolyn Huntsman
 Richard Hyde
Mr. Donel King
Rev. Jessica Lynne Box LaGrone
Dr. Thomas J. Pace
Rev. Robert L. Renfroe
Rev. Silverio Gea Sanchez
Mrs. Leah Taylor
Mr. Bryan H. Tullos
Rev. Marilyn Marie White
Rev. Guy Matthew Williams


Rev. Justin Kelly Coleman
Dr. Vincent Harris
Rev. Enid S. Henderson
Dr. Jeffrey Todd Olive
Ms. Donna Fay West