Resolutions Before the 2015 Annual Conference

Resolutions/Proposal Vote Results
#7 (referencing a change in nominations) and #14 (referencing the option to lengthen years of service) were withdrawn before the vote. Proposals required a ¾ vote to sustain a rule change and resolutions were passed with a simple majority. All of the resolutions passed except for #2 Remove Restrictive Language on Marriage, #3 Empower All Persons Called to Ordained Ministry, #8 Proposal on Conference Session Procedures Rules Change and #12 Theological Education Requirement for Elders.

See the full text of these resolutions on pages 32-54 in the 2015 Pre-Conference Journal (PDF)

Resolution 001 - Human Sexuality PASSED


Resolution 002 - Removing Restrictive Language on Marriage FAILED


Resolution 003 - Empower All Persons Called to Ministry FAILED


Resolution 004 - Repeal of Death Penalty PASSED


Resolution 005 - Economic Community PASSED


Resolution 006 - Parsonage Standards (AMENDED) PASSED


Resolution 007 - Nominations Rule Change WITHDRAWN


Resolution 008 - Conference Session Procedures FAILED


Resolution 009 (Withdrawn)


Resolution 010 - Resolution Limitations (AMENDED) PASSED


Resolution 011 - Educational Requirements for Elders PASSED


Resolution 012 - Theological Requirements for Elders FAILED


Resolution 013 - Jurisdictional Realignment and Name Change PASSED


Resolution 014 - Lengthen Option on Years of Service WITHDRAWN 


Resolution 015 - Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine Passed