*Complete 2010 Journal (Large File: 9.4 MB)


Section A - Table of Contents


Section B -  Officers and Delegates

Section C - Boards, Councils, Committees, Etc.

*Section D will not be available online

Section E - Daily Proceedings

Section F - Resolution and Mission Statements

Section G - Business of the Annual Conference

Section H - Appointments

Section I - Conference Structure and Standing Rules

Section J - Reports as Ordered by Annual Conference

Section K - Memoirs

Section L - Pastoral Records

Section M - Other Records

Section N - Statistical Tables 

Section - O Index

*Because personal information in section D can be easily searched and used by spammers, that information is not posted online. It is available in the version you were mailed. A PDF of section D can be e-mailed to members of the Texas Annual Conference upon request.

E-mail bmills@txcumc.org with the subject line “2010 Journal – Section D” and include your name, e-mail address and church affiliation.