Weight Loss Incentives

The best incentive for participating in the Wellness Program is how great you’ll feel as a result! But as we know, change can be a challenge. The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (TAC) offers cash incentives to encourage and reward participants for achieving their specific wellness goals.

See "Are you eligible for the Wellness Program?" to make sure you can participate.

Weight Loss Incentives

You can earn up to $2,000 by achieving the following wellness goals:

  1. $200 - Losing 5% of your total starting body weight
  2. $200 - Losing 10% of your total starting body weight
  3. $600* - Losing 50% of the weight required to achieve a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or lower
  4. $1,000* - Losing 100% of the weight required to achieve a BMI of 25 or lower
  5. $400* - Being at a BMI of 25 or less at the Day of Wellness and maintaining it for six months

*Incentives 3, 4 and 5 also require a Physician Confirmation Form and an annual physical exam.

In all cases, you’re required to complete the Wellness Program Incentive Form regarding your participation in the components of the program. Please note that all incentives are taxable and that a Form 1099 will be generated by the Texas Annual Conference when appropriate. (TAC lay employees will have incentives added to their W-2 income).

Each incentive can be earned only once, and the incentives may be combined.

Maintenance Incentive for 2017

If six months have passed since you earned an incentive for reaching or maintaining a BMI of 25 or less, you are eligible for a $1000 Maintenance Incentive. Complete and submit the following 2017 Maintenance Incentive Form & Physician Confirmation FormOnly one 2017 Maintenance Incentive form may be submitted per person during 2017. Deadline for submission is December 31, 2017.

Pregnancy Weight Loss Incentive

Effective January 1, 2008, women who lose weight in the year following their pregnancy will be eligible for an additional $2,000 incentive (in addition to regular incentive payments) based on returning to a 1st Trimester weight.

Incentive payments are patterned after regular incentive payments with the BMI target weight being replaced by the woman’s weight during the 1st Trimester and the Day of Wellness starting weight replaced by the woman’s weight at her first doctor visit following delivery. As with all other Wellness Incentives, participation in a Day of Wellness is required. The mother must be a participant in the Texas Annual Conference Group Health Benefits Program when the baby is born.

The incentive requires completion of the Pregnancy Weight Loss Incentive Form and Physician Confirmation Form.

Lost weight before attending the Day of Wellness?

If you have lost weight after February, 2008 (the start of the Wellness Program), you may qualify for an incentive for prior weight loss once you attend the Day of Wellness. A doctor’s statement, Weight Watcher’s journal, or other written documentation from a health care professional can be used to verify weight loss. Just complete and submit a Prior Weight Loss Wellness Incentive Form.

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