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Laity Unleashed is an intensive experience for the lay person who yearns to live out God’s call in an extraordinary way. It is designed to facilitate the discovery of that powerful place where spiritual gifts and the needs of the world intersect. Laity Unleashed is about helping each participant discern, acknowledge and follow God’s call.

I have this life
I acknowledge that our creator has given each of us the precious gift of life. 

I have this Christ
I feel boundless gratitude that our savior gave his life so that our lives might be everlasting.

What’s my plan?
I want to use my life in a way that will extravagantly glorify God.

Laity Unleashed is an 11-week study built around clergy- and lay-led weekly sessions committed to enabling each participant to find his or her highest calling. Reading and other assignments outside class will be integral to the experience. Participants will find enlightenment and motivation through an in-depth look at both scripture and our Wesleyan heritage. They will be empowered through a variety of self-discovery and skill development activities.

As importantly as what it is, Laity Unleashed is not a method of training church committee chairs or conference delegates. The goal of Laity Unleashed is to move the lay person beyond the structure of the church and encourage each one to take God’s love boldly into the world.

If you feel the need to contribute to God’s kingdom in a more meaningful way, but don’t feel called to ordained ministry, Laity Unleashed could be the answer for you. 

Anyone interested can contact one of our team members:
Lay Leadership Development Team

We are piloting a new format of Laity Unleashed.  It will be three weekend retreats, Saturday noon through Sunday lunch, at Camp Allen.  

The dates are August 29-30, 2015 September 26-27, 2015 and Oct. 24-25, 2015.

The January 2015 class of Laity Unleashed includes:

Terry Bessard  Windsor Village UMC
Jamie Block  Magnolia UMC
Grace Butler  Jones Memorial
Bret Dyer  Christ Church Sugar Land
Sedonia Finstad  Memorial Drive UMC
Horacha Jones  Windsor Village UMC
Tandelyn Weaver  Windsor Village UMC
Christine Schoots  Christ Way Community Church
David Jones  Bering MemorialUMC
Roy Hollis  Bering Memorial UMC
Bridget Cunningham  Holy Covenant UMC
Eleanor Colvin  St. Mark's UMC
Antwoine Phillips  Calvary UMC
Calvin Washington  Calvary UMC
Rhonda Miller  Trinity East UMC
Sherry Cameron  Calvary UMC

Laity Unleashed Top 10: Download the presentation (.pptx) from TAC 2015