What a great time this is to share Disciple Studies with your church! 



The following are current opportunities for you, and your church leaders, to participate in a FREE* mini-training event. DISCIPLE mini-training events are available to persons, lay or clergy, wishing to gain insight about how to bring these life-changing studies to your church and community. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the study format, explore various ways in which DISCIPLE studies might be offered, scheduled and funded, and discuss advertising and registration details that might benefit their particular group. Training is FREE* and is encouraged as a way to prepare & strengthen those in your church who will assume leadership roles.

DISCIPLE Mini-Training Events

none currently scheduled


This training is free for all lay and clergy wishing to learn about these life changing studies and how to facilitate them in your church.

Please let Jill know you're coming so materials might be available: Jill.Krone@gmail.com or 903-473-3755

Please contact Jill (DBS Taskforce coordinator) if your church would like to host a free mini-training event in your district.


If your district or church is interested in hosting a DISCIPLE mini training event for your region or if you would like to know more about Disciple Bible Studies, the DBS Taskforce or how you can bring a mini-training event to your district, please contact Jill Krone.

There is no cost in participating in any of the DBS Mini-Training Events but please notify Jill of your intentions so that materials may be prepared. Again, these events are open to all, laity or clergy, who desire to know more about Disciple Bible Studies.


Contact Jill Krone, TAC DBS Taskforce coordinator, for details and scheduling information. The DISCIPLE Taskforce is waiting to assist and support you with any questions you might have as you offer these transforming studies to your congregation. What a great time this is to share DISCIPLE Studies with your church or community!



The Texas Annual Conference Disciple Bible Study Taskforce is working to create a lending library of DISCIPLE Bible Study resources.  If your church is moving to the DVD format or has purchased a new set of videos and is looking for something to do with the used videos, please consider donating them.  Age doesn't matter as the format of the older series' can still be used.  We will also accept gently used Teacher Helps and Implementation Guides as well as unused Study Manuals.  These donated resources will be made available via loan to small membership and start-up churches as they strive to bring these transformational studies to their members and community.  To learn more, or to donate used DISCIPLE materials, contact Jill Krone.


Do you, or a member of your church, have a story to share about how Disciple studies have transformed your life and ministry?  We'd love to hear from you and spread the message of this life-changing ministry.  Contact Jill by

Disciple Studies allow your church the resources necessary to encourage devotions and disciplines within the congregation. The materials & studies can be utilized in churches that are large or small, with persons at different phases of their "walk" and by those desiring renewal of spirit and a deeper faith relationship.



DISCIPLE Bible Study Taskforce serves you through partnership with the TAC Faith Forming Relationships/Spiritual Formation Ministry Team.