Social Media Account Manager - Texas Annual Conference


Social Media Account Manager
The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
Houston, Texas
The Texas Annual Conference is now hiring a part-time Social Media Account Manager. This position will handle all aspects of social media for the official Texas Annual Conference accounts. You will be in charge of managing Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts (and others as needed) and should have a full understanding of each platform. A knowledge of the United Methodist Church, its theology, structure, and practices is a must. You will also be in charge of coordinating with member churches on events and social media initiatives. It is also expected that you increase overall audience size and engagement and get more member churches involved in social media. This job requires excellent writing skills and stellar interpersonal communication skills are a must. Experience with Nation Builder is a plus.  
Account Management

  • Manage social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Budget ad dollars and get the most out of ad spend
  • Keep all profile information up to date
Audience Expansion and Engagement
  • Define audience for each platform
  • Develop strategies to grow TXCUMC’s audience and meet regularly determined benchmarks
  • Create content to engage audience and increase exposure
Daily Interaction
  • Moderate questions and comments on social media pages
  • Respond to information requests in collaboration with Director of Communications
  • Promote TXCUMC news and events
  • Reach out to new people daily
  • Create relationships with social media managers of member churches
Content Creation
  • Create content to engage audience and increase exposure
  • Compile pictures from events at member churches and post to TXCUMC social media
  • Tailor content as needed to increase audience response
Database Management
  • Keep track of social media contacts (handle, email, position, city)
  • Categorize contacts based on position and purpose
  • Be able to quickly reach out to social media contact is needed
Public Information
  • Share all news and information published by TXCUMC
  • Respond to questions and answer all inquiries about news
  • Be knowledgeable about current events within the TXCUMC and UMC as a whole
Event Hosting
  • Schedule all events on Facebook
  • Schedule tweets to go out leading up to event
  • Post within event page to encourage participation
Nation Builder
  • Manage Nation Builder contact lists
  • Create programs to encourage participation
  • Drive people from social media to Nation Builder site
  • Teach other churches about Nation Builder
  • Utilize content and ideas submitted to Nation Builder
Relationship Management
  • Stay in contact with member churches through email/phone
  • Encourage them to share news with TXCUMC
  • Obtain images from events to use on TXCUMC social media
  • Encourage social media involvement from all churches
Schedule and Compensation
  • 19 hours per week
  • $20/hour
Submit resume electronically to:
Paula Arnold