Preschool Co-Director, Cypress UMC


Wee Wuns Preschool Co-Director, Cypress UMC

Cypress United Methodist Church is seeking a Co-Director of WeeWuns Preschool. 

The Wee Wuns Co-Director provides a creative and nurturing  environment that fosters the educational and spiritual development of teachers, staff, children, and their families; The Co-Director  provides oversight of the operations of the preschool including program development, hiring, training, policy setting, maintaining compliance with TDFPS’s Minimum Standards, and NYAC compliance.  The Co-Director is a devoted Christian who exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, is committed to ongoing spiritual development, and fully supports the mission, calling, core values, and ministry philosophy of Cypress United Methodist Church. 

The qualified candidate must meet the education and experience requirements of the Minimum Standards of TDFPS.  Interested candidate should submit a resume to $HR!