Bishop to Lead February 25 Live Streamed Presentation

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On Saturday, February 25 from 10 a.m.- noon, churches across the conference are encouraged to gather to watch a live streamed presentation entitled, “Holy Conversations/Tough Issues” hosted by the Unity Committee of the TAC Core Leadership Team. Event Flyer and Leader Guide (PDF)

Under the leadership of Bishop Scott Jones, the Unity Committee members include Rev. Lance Richards, District Superintendent Morris Matthis, Lay Leader John Esquivel, Connie Fowler, Rev. Nathan Bledsoe, and Reggie Clemons, and Communication Director Paula Arnold. This event is designed to inform members of our conference about the latest news regarding judicial rulings and the Commission on a Way Forward but more importantly to promote conversation and interaction about the tough topics that are threatening to create disunity in our Church. Bishop Jones looks forward to feedback on what insights were gained and how participants respond to this type of communication at the local church.

There will be a follow-up Facebook Live session planned for March 16, 2017 at 7 pm to address any questions that may arise and to share experiences from the local church gatherings.


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The day of the presentation you may access the live feed here on this page.

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