2017 Boon-Chapman Dependent ID Cards

Due to a printer error, TAC Group Health Plan employee participants may not have received sufficient Boon-Chapman ID cards for all your enrolled dependents 18 years and older in your recent Confirmation of 2017 Benefits Letter. The error has been corrected and additional ID cards are being mailed to the affected participants by the printer.  In the meantime, the old ID cards are still valid - they will just not have all the additional info on them that the new card has.

If you have not received additional ID cards by January 10, please contact the TAC Benefits Office at bkilby@txcumc.org, 713-533-3702 or 1-800-606-0350 and we will follow up.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Clergy 2017 Salary Sheets  

Please work with your church and your District Office to complete and certify your 2017 salary sheet by January 16, 2017 if you have not done so already. This will greatly facilitate the processing of your 2017 Clergy Group Health and Pension Benefits information and avoid benefit payroll adjustments for your church financial secretary or payroll administrator.

No Clergy Benefits Drafts in January

Please remind your church that the TAC Benefits Office does not process any Benefits drafts in January due to inputting new 2017 salary sheet and enrollment information. The first Group Health draft will be on February 1, 2017 and the first Pension draft will be on February 15, 2017.  The February drafts will include both January and February Group Health and Pension contribution amounts.

Boon-Chapman 2017 Annual Additional Insurance Form

All Group Health Benefits Plan employee participants with enrolled dependents need to complete the Boon-Chapman 2017 Annual Additional Insurance Form provided in your OE packet or at the link above and return it to Boon-Chapman at the email address or fax number on the form as soon as possible if you have not done so already.  Dependent claims exceeding $1,000 will be denied until this form is received each year, completed in full.   Avoid unnecessary potential delay in processing your dependent claims and submit this form immediately!

No Rate Increases for 2017!

Good news – there are no increases in the Active Clergy Group Health Contribution Rates or the Church Group Health Contribution Rate for 2017.  Your Dental PPO, Dental HMO and Vision Plan premiums also remain unchanged for 2017.  While there are no rate increases for 2017, there will be increases in deductibles and office visit co-pays for 2017 (the first such increases in 5 years). View the 2017 Active Clergy Rate Sheet or 2017 TAC Fiscal Office Lay Employee Rate Sheet



For further information, contact Barbara Kilby, TAC Benefits Administrator, at 713-533-3702, 1-800-606-0350, or bkilby@txcumc.org; or Gracy Chavez, Group Health Benefits Specialist, at 713-533-3723 or gchavez@txcumc.org.


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