Appointment Announcement February 24, 2017

Bishop Scott J. Jones announces the following appointments:

Kip Gilts from South District Superintendent to Central North District Superintendent

Vincent Harris from Houston Journey of Faith to South District Superintendent

Tony Vinson from East District Superintendent to Southwest District Superintendent

Richard P. White from Quitman/Liberty to East District Superintendent

Artie Cadar from Houston Crossroads to Coordinator of Mission Field Development


Appointment Announcement: February 15, 2017

Effective July 1, 2017

Morris Matthis from Central North District Superintendent to Director of New Faith Communities

Roy James from Longview First to retirement

Jay Jackson from Southwest District Superintendent to Longview First


Effective March 1, 2017

Minnie Baxter from Houston Pleasantville to retirement

Albert Reed from Kendleton Newman Chapel to Houston Pleasantville


Effective January 1, 2017

Bert Bagley from Conroe First to retirement

Jeff Olive from Director of New Church Starts to Conroe First

Lorraine Brown from Dickinson Faith to Nacogdoches First Associate

Johnny Simpson from Galveston St. Paul to Dickinson Faith

Clarence White to Galveston St. Paul

Evis Serrano from Houston Clear Lake to Houston Crossroads Associate

Reinier de la Torre to Houston Crossroads Associate

Claude Ruth from Houston Trinity to Houston Blueridge

Suzanne Byrd from Central Texas Conference to Houston Westminster Associate

Erik Gragert from Richmond The River to Leave of Absence

Kaylea Fleming to Arp

Ruben Olivares to Pasadena First Associate

David Snow to Marshall Crossroads